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Changelog for version 0.3.0

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  • Units now space themselves out when moving and attacking
  • Units in buildings now stand farther apart by default
  • Vehicles have slightly more realistic steering (still needs work)
  • Added Fanatic unit to Children of the Ancients
  • Added Sharpshooter unit to Laperia
  • Surgeon heal amount increased from 5 to 12
  • Radiance radius decreased from 25 to 12.5 (now matches skill effect)
  • Increased Toss Canister radius from 5 to 7.5
  • Toss Canister now applies an accuracy debuff instead of blocking line of sight
  • Added a particle attractor library
  • Removed the ability for units to have interior only weapons
  • Removed Tab key toggling tactical map temporarily since we don't tell players how to toggle it off and folks were getting stuck in it
  • Added a small graphical effect to the hotbar when a skill comes off cooldown
  • Added a no-enter cursor for mousing over a transport with a selection of units that can't be passengers
  • Changed default reflection quality to Low since some folks were getting stuck on the loading screen for a long time
  • Restored flavor text for structures that broke in last update
  • Players can now bring up structure/territory info by tapping Alt instead of having to hold it down
  • Simplified structure prequisites for some units so they become available earlier in the game
  • Lots of cleanup to old code and refactoring for future things

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