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  1. New Features and Enhancements New Decal module in Map Editor New indicators when micro’ing units into cover and firepoints Win and Loss music tracks now play when a match ends Maps now have preview images in the Lobby Game settings can now be changed while a match is in progress (press Escape and select Options from the menu) Ruhks now grunt when they perform a leap attack Players can now select a Team in the Lobby to form alliances (allied players share line of sight and victory conditions) The capture meter on buildings has an updated look and feel Fixes Fixed some issues with map saving in the Map Editor Tactical View is now back and can be toggled with Tab (default key bind) Fixed a bug where units would attack-move when told to enter a building even though the player didn’t issue an attack-move order Other Notes Rats Nest has been temporarily removed
  2. Consolidated some serialization properties so things like props and structures no longer have health and armor Removed logic for managing weapon clip size and reloading because we decided not to use that as a mechanic Removed the Tech Building flag from all structures and added capture points to smaller structures so everything is consistent now (things like Stores won't cap instantly anymore) Stores now have 50 capture points Barracks now has 100 capture points down from 300 Factory now has 150 capture points down from 200 Workshop now has 100 capture points down from 200 The Surgeon's weapon now applies a 3 second bleed instead of debuffing incoming healing Fixed a bug where the cursor would not properly swap to a pointer when in menus or other UI elements The selection indicator will now tint from green to yellow to red to indicate a unit's health Selection indicators will show up on unselected and enemy units for a brief time whenever they take damage or are healed Holding down Left Control while issuing a move order will now cause units to Attack Move Fixed a bug where player actions could be issued out of order in multiplayer Units can now only be micro moved up to 15 meters from the center of their squad. An indicator appears on screen when micro moving to display this range Fixed a bug where units exiting a structure that were within sight range of a unit would not register as visible for that unit
  3. Units now space themselves out when moving and attacking Units in buildings now stand farther apart by default Vehicles have slightly more realistic steering (still needs work) Added Fanatic unit to Children of the Ancients Added Sharpshooter unit to Laperia Surgeon heal amount increased from 5 to 12 Radiance radius decreased from 25 to 12.5 (now matches skill effect) Increased Toss Canister radius from 5 to 7.5 Toss Canister now applies an accuracy debuff instead of blocking line of sight Added a particle attractor library Removed the ability for units to have interior only weapons Removed Tab key toggling tactical map temporarily since we don't tell players how to toggle it off and folks were getting stuck in it Added a small graphical effect to the hotbar when a skill comes off cooldown Added a no-enter cursor for mousing over a transport with a selection of units that can't be passengers Changed default reflection quality to Low since some folks were getting stuck on the loading screen for a long time Restored flavor text for structures that broke in last update Players can now bring up structure/territory info by tapping Alt instead of having to hold it down Simplified structure prequisites for some units so they become available earlier in the game Lots of cleanup to old code and refactoring for future things
  4. Hey shurupin thanks for the bug report! Can you provide a bit more information? What map were you trying to load?
  5. We're super appreciative that you've chosen to help make Fractured State a better game by providing us with feedback and bug reports. Here's a few things to keep in mind and some tips to ensure that the info you give us is of the utmost quality and usefulness. If the game throws an exception (you see the !Error! prompt in the lower right corner) Copy the error to your clipboard and paste it here in its entirety Explain, in the most detail you can, what was happening when the error occurred. This includes things like Were you playing against AI bots, humans, or a mix of both? What map were you playing? (if a custom map provide a download link or attach the map file) What faction were you playing? What faction were your enemies playing? Did you observe any other odd behavior in the game world before the error happened? If you notice odd behavior in the game Describe the behavior in the most detail you can - or even better, upload a video of the weird behavior and post a link here All of the above applies with a tenfold emphasis on what was happening when the behavior occurred? If you're requesting that we add a new feature or some other new functionality please take a moment to check out our Development Roadmap to ensure that we don't already have the thing you're suggesting planned for a release in the future. If we do have it planned but you feel the feature in question should be bumped up in the roadmap then please state your case! Thank you again for helping to make Fractured State an awesome RTS game!
  6. Updated engine to 2017.1 Changed networking architecture from Unity to Photon Thunder Reworked the skill bar so it works with any number of squads selected and displays the number of units/squads who can currently cast each ability Added keyboard hotkeys to abilities Removed Take Cover squad ability for both Laperia and CotA Surgeon: Changed ability swapping to display a button over each unit’s head in the world Grenadier: Changed Place Mine ability so player picks a spot on the ground instead of it being placed at the Grenadier’s location immediately Transport: Changed Disembark ability to display a button over each unit’s head in the world Flamethrower: Added ground indicator to Canister Toss and gave it a max range Ancient Fist: Changed Radiance ability so player picks a spot on the ground instead of it being placed at the Fist’s location immediately Warden: Changed Shield ability – It’s now placed by the player; squad mates do not automatically move under it; it remains up until the player cancels it or it gets destroyed; updated graphics and effects; increased health of shield to 1500 Vicar: Changed Heal ability to display a button over each unit’s head in the world Ruhk: Changed Slam ability so player picks a spot on the ground instead of it being placed at the Ruhk’s location immediately Fixed a bug where multiple ragdolls could spawn when a unit died Fixed a bug in the lobby where new players would get incorrect information about which faction other players had selected Fixed the scrolling speed on the color selector in the lobby Fixed a sync error that could occur when a unit dies while exiting a building Fixed a bug in the resolution dropdown in the Settings menu where it would apply the wrong resolution Territories with rally points now get an indicator at the edge of the map. This indicator changes to the color of the team that owns the territory. Clicking on it opens your recruitment panel and defaults new squads to that territory Made the world reflection probe taller and the center higher to have better reflections and prevent weird lighting artifacts that happened on taller buildings when reflections were turned off Spaced out the spawn positions for new squads so units don’t spawn on top of each other Improved world lighting Added a static background to the world Added logic so units can handle player orders to attack enemies in different world states. Now outside units told to attack inside units and vice versa will act accordingly instead of doing nothing or breaking themselves General improvements to how the Surgeon works Fixed a bug where unlocked units wouldn’t lock again between matches Fixes a bug where cover points would be permanently lost if the player told the unit to do something else before they reached the cover point Known Issues LAN multiplayer is currently not working
  7. - Update engine to 5.6 - Removed XML based processing of menus (this basically meant re-doing all the menus) - Added RSS feed to landing page - Added options to change screen resolution - Added option to run game in windowed mode - Added lore to menus
  8. Thanks for the bug report! I was able to reproduce this and it will be fixed in the next update.
  9. Kelso

    Error report on 2 maps

    The bug should be fixed in the next update. Thanks again!
  10. Kelso

    Error report on 2 maps

    When you say "quits" what do you mean exactly? I've logged the error as a bug. Thanks for the feedback!